Sexual Evolution: Social Implications of Teledildonic Adoption

FALL 2005
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A man in California hugs his girlfriend who is currently in Finland. They can feel the warmth from each others bodies, the squeeze of arms wrapped around them, and the pulse of each others heart beats. The technology that makes this remote physical contact available is called teledildonics, and while this particular case may not be a reality as of yet, more primitive implementations have already begun to make their way into our culture. As we begin to adopt these new technologies of physical telepresence, they will augment every opportunity for remote interaction currently in use and will amplify both the positive and negative aspects.

All the major implications of social change will occur because of the evolutionary step in communication, and will have relatively less to do with advancements in tactile stimulation mechanisms. The tactile stimulation has been around for a while, but has been little adopted by anyone other than medical and machine fetishists. The aspect that entices people is the ability to communicate their physical actions to another person by actually performing it.