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Electroland was commissioned by the Los Angeles Fashion Mart to create a large interactive art installation for the atrium space of the new building. The installation is comprised of twenty two large flowers made of acrylic pedals, with a central core made up of a radial pattern of multicolored LED fixtures. Each flower includes a sensor that detects when a visitor passes in front of it, which causes an animation to play in the flowers core with an accompanying soundtrack. Every fifteen minutes a large animation plays across all of the flowers, and every hour the Westminster Quarters chime, alerting what the time is in an old glockenspiel fashion.

My role on the project was to develop the Java software to control lighting output as well as design the Processing based animations for each flower and each big show. I developed the interface to specifically reflect the unique arrangement of LED fixtures in each flower, as well as display small multiples of the current activity of each flower. The administrator can select custom animations on demand and select individual flower animations to view at a larger scale.

This work is publicly viewable at 12th st. and Stanford Ave in Los Angeles.

Photos copyright Electroland.