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Electroland was commissioned by the MetLofts apartments to create a unique interactive installation directly outside the front entrance as well as on the facade of the building. The piece is comprised of a grid of glass tiles that detect movement and illuminate when people, animals, and even bicycles pass over them. When the tiles are in "Lilypad" mode, there are a select few of tiles throbbing at all times, which when activated by a visitor will trigger an animation with an accompanying soundtrack.

My role on the project was to develop to the Java software used to control the lighting installation as well as the Processing based animations to react to sensor activity. I designed and developed a three dimensional interface so the administrator can view both tile activity and lighting activity on the facade. Additional features to interactivity includes a music creation mode where visitors can start and stop sound loops to compose songs. There is also a recreation of the game Pong where visitors must use both feet to create their paddles in order to defend their end of the game board.

This work is publicly viewable at 11th St. and Flower St. in Los Angeles.

Photos copyright Electroland.