FALL 2008
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Electroland was commissioned by the Indianapolis International Airport to create an interactive installation in the long pedestrian bridge connecting the parking garage to the main terminal. The installation is comprised of a grid of 6 x 28 large LED fixtures installed in the ceiling of the 170' long bridge, along with 24 channel audio. The movement and positions of pedestrians are tracked with ten stereoscopic cameras, which then send then send the data to the server application to be interpreted for lighting and sound reactions.

My role on the project was to develop the Java based software to control the lighting output and react to sensor input. I designed the interface to allow administration and testing, as well as the animations and reactions to visitor activity. The usual interaction tracks people with a red light over their head, and connects them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally by illuminating blue lights in between them with an accompanying sound. Every once and a while a large animation will occur lighting up the entire space along with a soundtrack.

Photos copyright Electroland.